NASA Presentation: Planetary Sustainability for Survival and Profit

NRP event

Rose Grymes, Rama Nemani,  Stanley Herwitz,

The NASA Research Park (NRP) held “Planetary Sustainability for Survival and Profit”, a presentation and audience Q & A on the evening of December 3 at Moffett Field as part of its Exploration Lecture Series.

Speakers presented on several sustainability-related start-ups at the NASA Research Park, including Bloom Energy, Bio-Vessel (in stealth mode), and Oyokits. Panalists spoke about other endeavors such as the Space Portal,  NEX, a warehouse and collaboration platform for Earth data, the UAV Collaborative, and the Smart Energy Enterprise Development Zone (SEEDZ).

Dr. Rose Grymes emceed the event and moderated a lively panel discussion. Dr. Daniel Rasky surveyed the growing field of space and sustainability. He mentioned the natural connection between space and sustainability by pointing out that Elon Musk has created both SpaceX and Tesla. Dr. Rama Nemani indicated how NEX makes vital data regarding climate change available. He mentioned how the typical scientist will spend 80% of their time  with data and writing software and how NEX can reduce that time, and by implication that scientists can thus improve their impact.

NRP event

Donald Bray, Daniel Rasky, Rose Grymes

Dr. Stanley Herwitz discussed how unmanned ariel vehicles (UAVs) can be used to gain high resolution environmental data and showed beautiful video of a UAV flying over the Florida Keys. Mr. Donald Bray, discussed how the Smart Energy Enterprise Development Zone (SEEDZ) in Silicon Valley is producing synergies by integrating the various components of energy production and management.


  • Dr. Rose Grymes, Office of the Center Director, Technical Lead, Sustainability, GSA Sustainability Fellow 2012-2013
  • Dr. Daniel Rasky, Director, NASA Ames Space Portal – NASA Planetary Sustainability Initiatives + Partnerships
  • Dr. Rama Nemani, Director, NASA Earth Exchange – NASA Supercomputer-driven Planetary Sustainability Programs
  • Dr. Stanley Herwitz, Director, UAV Collaborative – Investigating + Documenting Global Climate Change using UAVs
  • Mr. Donald Bray, Director, Smart Energy Enterprise Development Zone (SEEDZ) Initiative, Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network – Green Development/Green Jobs


Event webpage: NRP Exploration Lecture: Planetary Sustainability for Survival and Profit

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