SustainSpace encourages the reuse of space technology to benefit sustainability endeavors back on Earth, and in turn for those endeavors to support futher space development.


  • Mark Ciotola, editor. Mark has experience with geosciences, aerospace, information technology, and policy. (JD, MBA, BA Physics, Grad Cert Space Sciences).
  • Afshin Khan, writer. Afshin has experience with biology, plants and entrepreneurship. (BS, MS in Biotechnology, Singularity University alumnus and PhD candidate).


In particular, this site will focus on surface and near-surface technologies. Much is already being done with re-use of satellite imaging capabilities, so this site will limit coverage of those efforts.

Technologies will be organized into the following categories:

  • Air (air recycling, sensing, clean-up)
  • Astroculture (space crop chambers, agriculture)
  • Comprehensive (systems supplying multiple human needs)
  • Energy (generation, storage, distribution, monitoring)
  • Waste Recycling (solid waste recycling)
  • Water (wastewater treatment, drought mitigation)


  • Accelerators/Incubators
  • Funding
  • Competitions


  • Blogging about space technologies that have potential for sustainability purposes on Earth
  • Microgrants