MicroGrant Program

The SustainSpace MicroGrant program provides small amounts of very early stage funding to encourage exploration and projects related to space and sustainability. Some funds might go to a group developing an astroculture project or to a university student to investigate an area and write up a post. Fund amounts will initially run between $50 to $200.

Why microgrants instead of micro-loans? This program strives to encourage very early stage exploration and projects, where there may not yet be a clear business model or payback window. Though very small, these grants send a message that there is interest and some funding in space and sustainability.

At least 80% of funds will go into direct microgrants, and no more than 20% will go towards expenses. The use of funds and persons and projects funded will be reported on this site quarterly.

Your $25 donation will be greatly appreciated. Only small amounts are being accepted at present. For simplicity’s sake, the grants are simply passed through SustainSpace to the grantee, so donations are likely not tax deductible.



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